How to Build Trust in a Relationship – 10 Effective Steps 2021

Trust is the backbone of a relationship!

Trust is a safety and security in your relationship which sustain the journey till the last step of your life. Trusting each other plays a crucial role in your happy relationship.

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

One single lie will damage your trust and destroy your loving and adoring relationship forever. Just wanna to know how to build trust in a relationship?

Trust is a package!

Trust is not a single component. It is the mixture of

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Sincerity
  • Devotion
  • Respect

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Trust is the primary root to build a relationship which stands on strong foundation of happiness and fulfillment. Lack of trust is the first and foremost reason to ruin the relationship. Trust means you have strong faith and confidence in your partner and you can rely on him easily without any hesitation. Likewise your partner can also trust you blindly.

How to Build Trust in a Relationship – 10 Effective Steps
How to Build Trust in a Relationship – 10 Effective Steps

Are you still confused about the trust in your relationship? No worries…..come on and walk with me for a while, if you get some ideas which you forgot unintentionally the way how to build trust in a relationship:

1. Don’t hide anything to your partner:

you know trust is the breath of a relationship. You should not keep anything hidden or keep any secret to your partner. Because today or tomorrow everything will be revealed before him/her. While he/she would come to know about the hidden issue, would not trust you anymore in future. Always be transparent and honest in each single issue, otherwise your partner will start losing his faith in course of time and this will kill your relationship slowly but surely. When two people trust and respect each other completely then insecurities, fear, frustration and dissatisfaction eliminate automatically from your relationship

2. Learn about your partner:

Try to know in detail about your partner. You must have eagerness and attraction for each other. You have the capability of reading her face like an open book. While she looks at you or when she is at gloomy face, you just catch the reason at the first sight of her like a magician and hug her and ask in a loving tone, “what happened my heart”. I promise it will solve the problem if any just in a couple of minutes. Okay you just try today.

3. Confess him about your negative side:

Nobody is perfect in this world. You should make it open and flash all your flaws may be minor or major no matter. Share with him like a friend, I can assure you he will not take it with negative views. Rather he will be supportive and honest good friend of you forever.

4. Tell him the truth:

to err is human. Man is not an angel. Every small lies are very natural to take place in relationship by you. But be aware. If it happens consciously or unconsciously, you should tell him the real story later and admit your fault. You should apology and never try to establish the earlier spoken lie by creating 5 another helping lies to make it true. This habit is really destructive for the relation and mistrust becomes stronger in the mind which cannot remove by any efforts. If you do so, that means you are an abusive relationship.

5. Keep faith in your partner’s potentialities:

“My lady, this is not your job or you are not that much capable to handle this” ….often we notice such types of speech from any of the partners either husband or wife which is very much disappointing. You should never underestimate your partner’s capabilities in a negative tone. You always appreciate and encourage his/her qualities he/she possesses. You encourage and lift his confidence level with your mental support and by grooming up bringing out the best in him/her. I must say you should feel proud that such a skillful capable one is your life partner. Be happy and give a smile at the end of the day to build your trust in relationship.

6. Finding faults in love and Never criticize:

Yes I am strongly agree with Mother Teresa, if you judge people, you do not have time to love them. So do not judge your partner always. Sometimes he/she might do a mistake or a lie told carelessly. Need not criticize for the lie again and again, you can point out softly and politely with love. Or just overlook or forget as other time he usually does not tell you any lies or hide anything. So consider it as a small mistake you can forgive easily and do not let him/her remember the issue every now and then. It hurts and makes him feel insulted which badly affects in your relationship.

7. Honest repentance and promise not to do again:

Big or small, lies are lies. I understand that 100% truth is not always possible. We are human being. But if you tell a lie to save or help someone depending on the situation, come and hold his hand being repentant and apologetic. Assure her that unintentionally or accidentally you lied, and make a promise with strong desire and iron will that you won’t do this next time in future. Your regretful face and adoring promise will ease her insecurities and will create a strong admiration for you in her mind.

8. Never compare with the old lover who betrayed your trust:

We all are individual and unique in our own way. Nobody resembles anyone. I don’t mind if you had another relation with someone else before commencing this journey. May be that lover has betrayed your trust and you ended the relationship for his characteristics. I will request you never compare your previous

relation with the present one and mix up with fear, anxiety and confusion thinking that this person may be the same like that one. If you do so, then you are doing a big mistake and it is one of the signs of an abusive relationship. Very soon you are going to shorten your present journey too. Respect him and trust him with wholeheartedly for developing a deeper and lasting bond.

9. Trust completely:

Nothing can destroy your relation as faster as lie can. If you are always honest and do not keep any secret in your relation, then no reason to be mistrusted by your partner. Marriage is a legal contract and social bond you must have some commitment there. Be accountable, be committed and be loyal to show your trustworthiness to your partner. One single lie poisonous it all and it takes a lot of effort, lot of time and lot of truth to regain the trust aging in your relationship. So don’t let any mistrust in you. Trust your partner completely to build a healthy and happy relationship ever.

10. Be adorable and be addicted to each other:

Be gentle, polite and loving to each other. Try to find out the qualities, skills and other positive things in your partner. Love him/her for all these divine distinctiveness he/she possesses. Feel proud and pray to Almighty God by thanking him that he has given you such a fabulous, amazing and extraordinary person in your life as a life partner. Expand your love to the unlimited ways and be adorable and addicted to each other in every step of your sweet relationship journey.


To build, maintain and sustain the trust in a relationship is really hard job. When trust goes, your love, emotion, feeling, sentiment, admiration everything replaced by anger. It needs care, honesty and sincerity and your strong determination and respect to your relationship, whether you really want to continue the relationship truly. Remember one thing, best relationship does not happen miracle or accidentally, you have to cultivate your relation with trust, love and respect. You must need proper nursing of your relationship continuously and should know how to spice up your relationship.

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Trust once gone is gone forever. It takes a lot longer to build trust back into a relationship than the time it took to lose the trust.

So, have faith in you and respect yourself will guide you how to build trust in a relationship.

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