23 Rainy Day Date Ideas that you make Happy

Though rainy day seems a damper than that of sunny weather dates you had planned, but you can make the best and most beautiful moments and spending quality time with your partner in the rainy day or night indoor or outdoor the way you prefer and enjoy most with some amazing rainy day date ideas.

23 Rainy Day Date Ideas

On a rainy day, go away or just stay at home.

You can make a rainy day date a blast with a little creativity and out of the box thinking as you do other days.

You can try the following awesome rainy day date ideas to make your day fabulous

 23 Rainy Day Date Ideas that you make Happy
23 Rainy Day Date Ideas that you make Happy


Cook a favourite meal together:

Suppose you have nothing to do in your list tonight, you might try pasta or your favorite dish together. No matter you do not know cooking, but trying to prepare a favorite item is really amiable date in a rainy day.

Memory track:

You can take out your old pictures album of your past and childhood, share and memorize those days and have a wonderful time walking down the memory lane with your partner.


You can find a calm corner for meditation at your home and spent sometimes quietly together listening the rain drop.

Host a tea party:

You can invite your childhood friends at your home on this rainy day as you don’t get time other day due to huge pressure of the work. You make different types of herbal tea, some snacks and pop corn to make this rainy day yummy and memorable.

Indoor picnic:

You can make an indoor picnic during the rainy day. Make a homemade tent or put a small carpet or mat on your terrace and enjoy some soft drinks with some yummy items of your favorite and watch the rain pour.

Lazy café afternoon:

Head to your nearby local café and take an hour or two watching the people outside sopping wet while you sip a hot coffee in a cozy mood.

Movie night:

Sometimes watching movie on other day seems boring, but it is the perfect time in the rainy night. There is nothing more comfy than watching a movie at home with your date. Romantic movies are especially suitable for snuggling up to watch at rainy days or nights.

Game night:

Make it a game night. Try choosing the games you like most. Monopoly, Chess, Clue or any other of your preferred or favorite board games can be the best source of entertainment of a rainy day or night.

Video games:

In the rainy days, think that you are back in the school life and enjoy video game like the old days of student life.

Hotel Stay:

Why not change your place for a romantic night stay outside the home. Rent your favorite hotel for a night. Enjoy the wine, dine and have some pure refreshment without all hassles of life. Make it your time and have a blast.

A walk in the rain:


If there is no thunder and lightning, go out and get wet each other, walk in the park. Jump and splash like children in puddles and get dirty.

Be a poet:

If you have little bit writing habit but been too busy with your professional life to write anything on other days, then you make a suitable day to write a new poem or novel and feel happy about your creativity.

Be a teenage:

Forget your age. Both of you can sing at the top of your voice and have fun without any limitation in a rainy day feeling like the teenagers.

Go to a local theater:

Both you can enjoy stand-up comedy, theater or an opera during this rainy day.

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Play like a kid:

In the rain, you can go out in the nearby park on the playground together like a kid and get wet both while playing. It will be great fun especially on a rainy day.

Taking a long deep nap:

Due to your stressful work, may be you cannot sleep peacefully other time. In a rainy day night you can have a long deep nap to refresh you. Many people prefer and enjoy this sleeping without disturbance for a long time than anything else.

Dinner outside:

On a rainy day if you do not feel to cook at home, no matter, go out for the dinner at some fancy restaurant and enjoy.

Do creative things:

On a rainy day you can play any musical instrument such a flute, harmonium, piano or you can draw, paint, sketch or any other creative things that usually you do not have a free time to do other days.

Spa night:

You can make a spa saloon at your home during the rainy day. With a little light dimming put some candles scattering the room. Give a deep massage to each other with oils and give facial, manicure, pedicure or foot massage while enjoying some emotional and sensational conversation. I don’t know how your rainy date can end………….getting me what I mean.

Yoga at home:

On a rainy day, both you can have yoga at home and make it a healthy day.

Rearrange house:

You can rearrange your furniture together into a different corner of the room which will bring a new look and change.

Shower together:

With some scented candles surround your bath tub you can take a shower together and go through your favourite poem in a relax mood if you want having some wine too.

Spending intimate time in each other’s arms:

You can decorate your whole house with colorful candles and play some light music in the background. You can chat, share, remember your most loving events you spent together in your early married life and cherish the memories whole night watching the rain down in your date’s arms.

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If you do not feel to do anything with the any of the above mentioned rainy day date ideas, just relax, no need to do. Be together and plan about your upcoming vacation or dinner party or house project. Spend your time with your date intimately, chatting the whole day, having some naughty jokes, little fights and enjoy each other’s company

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