18th birthday

18th Birthday Daughter Poem,18th Birthday Wishes New Collection

At 18, when it’s okay to think more about yourself, you think only of others. You are already an old soul. You’re definitely ready to be an adult. Happy birthday!!!

Congratulations on turning eighteen! You’re no longer considered a bad driver! May you live long enough to be so old that your driving becomes dangerous again. Have a great birthday !!!

Inspirational 18th Birthday Wishes For Best Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Daughter,Son

18th Birthday Daughter Poem,18th Birthday Wishes New Collection
18th Birthday Daughter Poem,18th Birthday Wishes New Collection

From tiny toes to Barbie dolls.
From Barbie dolls to make-up.
From make-up to high school boys.
From boys to college,
It never ends.
Knowing you are growing
up to becoming a beautiful woman.
It is hard to let you grow and become a success.
We know you will find your way
As your dreams come alive.
We wish you the best that life can offer and
Remember you are only young once
So live it to the fullest.
We wish you Happy Birthday Sis
From our hearts to yours…..

Happy 18th birthday! You’re an adult now.
Now you can do everything legally you’ve been
illegally doing since you were a kid…

Sweet Birthday Card Poem to Daughter From Mom or Dad Wishes

To a beautiful daughter
With a passion for fashion.
You do so many thoughtful things
For others through the year,
You have a way of lifting spirits
And filling hearts with cheer.
So I know this day’s just perfect
To make a wish for you,
For all the good things you deserve
Each day the whole year through.
Happy birthday!!!

Is your 18th birthday everything you imagined?
No Don’t worry, things only get worse…until you hit 30,
when you want to be 18 again! Happy birthday!!!

Family life is many things
And one of the nicest joys it brings
Is having a daughter as dear as you
Who’s thought of in a special way
Not only on a special day
But warmly and with love
The whole year through!
Happy Birthday !!!

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